What are you carrying?

red chocolate heartsAnother corker of an All Age service on 4th February saw Tina leading our thought-provoking activities, aided and abetted by Simon; a cameo role from Ruth P as “third girl with heavy backpack”; a cast of thousands presenting the Bible reading, line by line and a backpack-chocolate heart exchange, symbolising us confessing our sins to God (giving up the backpacks) and being forgiven because He loves us (receiving a heart). PLUS, Pam B took to the High Stools to give her very encouraging testimony – what a way to worship!

P1040223Pam told us about her late start in coming to faith – how a chance (God planted?) comment from her daughter prompted her to go to an Alpha course and this led to a realisation that she wanted Jesus to be part of her life. How she finds peace (more often if not always) through God and about her volunteering in prison ministry, as part of the chaplaincy to HMP The Mount, which gives her an interesting opener to talk about her faith to others. Thanks Pam for sharing your story! (More on the prison ministry and how you can support it another time – Ed.)

If you would like to “listen again” to Pam’s interview, or any of the others on the High Stools, please visit our Sermons page, here.