Volunteer Sunday

Our theme for this Sunday’s all age service was Volunteering. A big THANK YOU was expressed to all the people who volunteer for jobs big and small to make our church organisation more than just a collection of people who turn up on Sundays.

Lend an eye, an ear or a hand

We took a quick poll and most people were able to say that they volunteer either at the church or in the local community – that’s a lot of good neighbours!

TJ and Tina took us through a tricky Trivial Pursuit-style quiz (we earned all the cheeses!) and our action song (pictured top) was not the YMCA but “On a day like this…”

Every task is valuable: from bacon cooking to bell ringing; welcoming to weeding; chair stacking to children’s groups; mixing music to making coffee – all of these parts and many more make up the “body” of our church, as we heard in today’s reading and Andrew’s sermon (you can to it listen here). By doing a little bit within our abilities, lending a hand, an ear or an eye, we can continue to help more people take a step nearer to faith through a vibrant church community – ensuring that each person feels needed as well as cared for; appreciated when they are there and missed when they are away.

If you think you can help in any way, please speak to Andrew or TJ or call the church office. Next Saturday (10th March) we’ll be tying posies for Mothering Sunday – perhaps you can lend a hand?

Young volunteers
Illuminated manuscript by Theo 🙂
We earned our cheeses