Reaching out in Faith – July All age service

There were more people involved in the service than sitting watching at this month’s all age service!


We experienced what it was like to be part of a crowd  (“scary, hot and smelly!”) and listened to two stories woven together in Mark’s gospel: the woman healed by reaching out to touch Jesus’ clothes; and Jesus reaching out to heal Jairus’ daughter, when everyone thought she was dead!

We thought about what it might be like to be the person in a crowd whom everyone wanted to avoid (“sad and lonely”). But TJ reminded us that if we are feeling sad and lonely, Jesus will always be there for us to turn to. We also thought about how we might treat people who we think are different to us and how we could be more like Jesus and reach out to them, even if it might seem strange to other people.

Our prayer team for the day

Join us for our next all-age service on 5th August for more crowd participation and great stories.