World Leprosy Day 27th January

NLT cake sale Jan 19.jpg

Sunday 27th January was World Leprosy Day. Our church has supported the Nepal Leprosy Trust over the last few years so we marked the occasion with a cake sale at all three services and Matthew Wetherall, who is a trustee of this Christian organisation, gave us an update on the work of the NLT:

Today is World Leprosy Day, when people across the world are encouraged to think about leprosy, with this year’s theme being ending discrimination, stigma and prejudice.

NLT’s goal is to eradicate leprosy in Nepal, and to help people affected by leprosy, their families and communities, specifically to lift their lives out of poverty and disadvantage and enjoy health, well-being & respect.

We achieve this through medical treatment, and importantly through social education and village development projects, targeting individuals, small groups and wider communities.

The hospital at Lalgadh is possibly the busiest leprosy hospital in the world with patients being seen every 30 seconds, 1 in 10 of whom have leprosy.

Our church funded the operation of the self-care training centre for a couple of years which equips people with leprosy, through a two week training programme, to look after themselves both physically and mentally when they return to their communities.

Matthew visited Badri’s family in 2016

Just one of the families who have a new hope thanks to support from NLT: Badri Shrestha, whose hands and feet have been damaged by leprosy, and his wife Somwati have two sons with cerebral palsy. Previously they lived in a house which was poorly located: Badri and his wife had to go away from the home to bring in an income, resulting in having to leave the children at home alone or struggling to afford support, without prospects for a better future.

September 2018 – The new house

Through help from our church and other donors, we helped support them in getting a new home by a road, whereby Somwati will be able to set up a shop at their house to earn an income whilst looking after the boys. They are truly grateful and now have a sustainable solution for the future.

The church at Lalgadh has recently celebrated their 25th anniversary. Prior to that there was one church 100km to the east and one 150km to the west. At the celebration service, 40 local pastors turned up, which is testament of how God’s love has been demonstrated in the area over these last 25 years.

Lastly a big thank you to Hilda Rabbit and Tina Edwards, who have organised support events in Stoke Poges for NLT over the last few years.

If you would like to get involved or for further information:

  • Visit
  • Hilda is holding prayer meetings at her house on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 8pm so the next meeting will be on Tuesday 19th February. All welcome – please let Hilda know if you plan to come.
  • Please talk to Matthew at a Sunday service if you want to find out more about NLT and how you can help.
  • And please continue to pray for the eradication of leprosy and end of discrimination. Amen!