Lent: Facing the Cross

Our installation (with a nod to Antony Gormley’s “Field”)

But first, let’s catch up with Lent 2020 in Stoke Poges so far…

Last Monday week, our Tots’ Praise families decorated pancakes to acknowledge our preparation for Lent.

Then on Ash Wednesday, we joined our neighbours at the newly refurbished St Paul’s in Slough for an evening service. Natasha led the service with the St Paul’s team, Helen Broadbent and Nadeem Azam, who shared his testimony as part of his address.

It was heartening to see that our neighbours are thriving both in number and in their faith in their community. I think it is a brave move to mobilise hearts and wallets to rejuvenate a large building so boldly and with such diverse tastes across the congregation, but they have stepped out in faith to make the building fit the needs of the people (who really are the church).

It was this faith and enthusiasm that we heard about in the first of our sermon series on the early church last Sunday. No buildings (or sound system 🙂 ), just people, galvanised by what they saw and heard and filled with the Holy Spirit so that they became a community united by Jesus and acted in His name.

A little entertainment whilst we listened – making playdough figures to stand/sit/lie at the foot of the cross as a symbol of our community and where we are in relation to the cross.

Where are you?

Are you in the thick of it or standing on the fringes;

clinging on at the foot of the cross or lying prostrate in awe;

or absent? Come home – you will be welcomed with joy.

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