Easter in the Garden

How long ago it seems that Lent was just beginning, we made pancakes, attended Ash Wednesday service and heard the first couple of our sermon series on Acts about the early church.

And suddenly we lurched into a global crisis, our world shrunk to the limits of our four walls and, if we are lucky, our gardens. This Easter has been spent apart physically but together spiritually, via our Good Friday podcast and Easter Sunday online service. Some people kept themselves busy making Easter gardens and other creations. Look at these beauties!

Some people seem permanently purposeful. No matter what the boundaries, they switch apparently seamlessly from one endeavour to another. Office work becomes cooking for a neighbour, swimming becomes an electronics project, visiting becomes phoning, school runs become home school, working at the hospital becomes working even harder at the hospital.

And others struggle – to stay positive without their usual support network, to cope with issues that were already difficult, to adapt to unwelcome change, to stay on course without the rudder of routine.

But as Christians and as a church family we have an advantage. We are greater than the sum of our parts because we have our Saviour and our community to lean on. Let us never take those gifts for granted.

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