What’s happening at church?

As things move on, we thought you might like to know what coming to church looks like these days, so here’s a few photos from the last couple of weeks at St Andrew’s.

As you come in the main door, you’ll be welcomed by our sidesperson with the NHS Test & Trace list. And each week, you have to guess who is behind the mask – not too tricky!

Music is sometimes on a video and sometimes just audio but still absorbing and reflecting the theme of the service, including some tracks generously recorded for us by Lindsey and David Mackie.

There’s a KiC activity box for each family with craft and puzzles – and sometimes dressing up – to match our theme of the week. Don’t let Natasha have all the fun, come and join in!

On Communion weeks (3rd Sundays at St Andrew’s) we receive Communion in one kind only – a wafer – which Natasha brings to us in our seats. She then drinks the wine of the sacrament on our behalf at the altar table.

Next week there’ll be more photos from St Giles’ at we meet at 11am for our Traditional Harvest Festival. Or pop along to St Andrew’s at 4pm for Prayer and Peace with a Harvest theme.

See you next week at St Giles’!