Annual Report Addendum

With apologies – this report was omitted from the previous edition published 21/5/23 – Ed.

Finances – John Wheatley

In 2022 our finances recovered to degree from the effects of COVID. This enabled us to maintain the following Key Indicators and also to formulate plans for future growth of our outreach plans.

  •  We increased our committed Parish Share. 

Our contribution to the Diocese largely covers clergy stipends and pensions and the training of ordinands.

  •  We maintained that a minimum of 10% of all planned giving during the year would be mission giving and we will be donating to SHOC and NLT in line with last year. We once again committed additional funds to outreach for the village.
  •  We maintained a minimum of 3 months operating costs in our bank account, thanks to the generosity of our Church members.

By way of explanation on the income side, “Fees” include charges for weddings and funerals and “Tax” is what we recover from gift aid.

We are partly reliant on our income from rent and lettings, both of which recovered during the year to pre-covid levels, however with the opening up of Lettings and Rental income we always have to factor in certain costs such as additional Heating and maintenance.

On the expenditure side, “Management costs” includes administration, office expenses, IT support, music licences, training and inspection fees, while “Buildings” includes minor maintenance, insurance, caretaking and utilities. “Church services” includes clergy expenses, junior church materials, organists, verger expenses, costs of candles and Holy Communion wine and wafers.

In addition, each year we write down the initial cost of the St Andrews Church centre, this is shown in our restricted fund operating costs, not on the chart above, but this year the cost was £25,936 and is not a cash cost, but an accounting one.

Our General Fund was £26913 in surplus, but additional costs in the restricted funds meant that we had an overall deficit or reduction in funds of £17351.

Whilst the above is a general outline of our financial year, more details can be found in the “Report of the trustees and financial statements for the year ending 31 December 2022” available on our website here.