Remembrance 2019

Our preparations for Remembrance had started many weeks prior, with the creation of a multitude of poppies, which were then installed on the railings of Bells Hill.

We opened our Remembrance weekend with 24 hours of Prayer for Peace in the chapel at St Andrew’s. Families, individuals and a small gang of 7Up signed up for an hour’s slot to keep a vigil for many areas of the world and our own neighbourhood suffering from violence, oppression, division and distrust.

The activities were based around Isaiah 2:1-5 and started with the Mountain of the Lord, where prayers for peaceful agreement and action on climate change then branched out into many topics…

On another table, there was a puzzle of the United Kingdom and scales representing prayers for unity, equality and justice in our own land.

A (toy) knife was placed amongst information about the many projects around the world turning “swords into ploughshares” in creative and heartfelt works of art and functional designs.

As our prayer vigil came to an end, the Team, led by Natasha, pulled off a logistical feat on Remembrance Sunday, gathering uniformed groups and many people from the village at St Andrew’s at 10am, walking to the statue and flagpole on Bells Hill for an Act of Remembrance and then parading flags and pushchairs through gates and fields to St Giles’ for our Service of Remembrance, including 2 minutes silence on the dot of 11am. Phew!

St Giles’ served as it always does, as a reminder of faithful service to Christ of many people over the centuries and on this weekend, in honour of those who have given and those who continue to risk their lives in pursuit of peace.

We will remember them